FBI Hiring First-Ever Senior Level Data Scientist

July 28, 2016

FBI Hiring First-Ever Senior Level Data Scientist

The FBI is hiring its first senior level data scientist (SLDS) position and is currently seeking applicants across both public and private sectors. The new SLDS will serve as a senior-level adviser and consultant to the Cyber Division Assistant Director and other management officials, contributing across the Cyber Division and Bureau through collaboration, innovation, and subject matter expertise. The addition of a senior-level position acknowledges the growing cyber threat, which is a top priority threat for the FBI, and reflects equitable distribution of sophisticated senior talent across the FBI.

“The addition of a senior-level position within the Cyber Division is unprecedented, and we are eagerly anticipating the ways it will contribute to our mission to identify, pursue, and defeat cyber adversaries. With the breadth and depth of skills and expertise we’re expecting in our candidates, this new position will have a unique opportunity to brand the FBI’s cyber program and represent the FBI throughout the Intelligence Community,” said James C. Trainor, Jr., assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division. “We are excited to see how the division will continue to evolve to combat the cyber threat with the assistance of the new senior level data scientist.”

The FBI is seeking individuals from both the public and private sector with experience and skills in computer science and data analytics, as well as subject matter expertise in cyber security, data visualization, data mining, and computer networking. This position will pioneer the FBI’s technology solutions and strategically work to develop and employ new processes, outline enterprise requirement and solutions, and streamline technology program management.

The senior level data scientist will provide technical and operational guidance, evaluate the cyber program business architecture, pioneer the Bureau’s technology solutions, provide strategic planning and engineering services for technology solutions and standards, and represent the FBI on groups sponsored by the Intelligence Community and other partners.

FBI Hiring First-Ever Senior Level Data Scientist

Robert Levinson

Bob disappeared in March 2007 from Kish Island in Iran, where he was working. According to some reports, he was last seen in the custody of officials of Iran’s Interior Ministry. Bob is a decorated, retired FBI Agent and a lifelong public servant. This month he becomes the longest held American captive ever. The FBI has made the return of Bob to his loving family a major investigative priority, personally supported by both Directors Mueller and Comey – with significant dedicated resources and a $5 million reward for his safe return.

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