Shared BYODs pose U.S. corporate security risk.

Dateline: Reuters News Service

In a startling report from the Reuters News Service, an IBM Corporate Security Expert released a recent study showing that businesses that are allowing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for the employees and management are exposing themselves to a huge risk for cyber-hacking that could lead to fairly benign data capture to potential high-security data loss, revenue theft and blackmail. Read more Corporate Security – Top Cyber Security Breaches of 2014

Data breaches continue to undermine confidence in many of our nation’s top companies.

Even though companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year to thwart potential cyber-attacks, hackers continue to be one step ahead of the game in breaching secure servers, elaborate firewalls and all the protective countermeasures being implemented to stop them. Read more Corporate Security – HUD Employee Embezzles $800,000 because of Failed Background Check

Background Check Fails and Ex-Con embezzles $800,000

Dateline: Jim McElhatton with the Washington Times

Even though Brian Thompson had a criminal record spanning more than twenty years, that didn’t stop him from getting an office job at the Department of Housing and Urban Development earning nearly $90,000 per year. Read more