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FBI Hiring First-Ever Senior Level Data Scientist

July 28, 2016 FBI Hiring First-Ever Senior Level Data Scientist The FBI is hiring its first senior level data scientist (SLDS) position and is currently seeking applicants across both public and private sectors. The new SLDS will serve as a senior-level adviser and consultant to the Cyber Division Assistant Director and other management officials, contributing […]

Robert Levinson

Bob disappeared in March 2007 from Kish Island in Iran, where he was working. According to some reports, he was last seen in the custody of officials of Iran’s Interior Ministry. Bob is a decorated, retired FBI Agent and a lifelong public servant. This month he becomes the longest held American captive ever. The FBI […]

Shared BYODs pose U.S. corporate security risk.

Dateline: Reuters News Service In a startling report from the Reuters News Service, an IBM Corporate Security Expert released a recent study showing that businesses that are allowing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for the employees and management are exposing themselves to a huge risk for cyber-hacking that could lead to fairly benign […]

Recent Study shows 58% of job applicants lie on resume.

Dateline: CHICAGO – August 7, 2014 With unemployment continuing to be a very competitive market especially in high-paying jobs including those whose positions are tied to the access of a company’s most sensitive data, the pressure to stand out in a sea of applicants is tempting job seekers to be less than honest on their […]

CBP should use former FBI agents to assist with C-TPAT

Since October 2004, the U.S. CBP (US Customs and Border Protection) and the foreign  trade community have worked collaboratively to develop minimum security criteria for importers either already enrolled in the C-TPAT program, or wishing to join this voluntary supply chain security program. These new minimum security criteria help solidify membership expectations, and more clearly […]