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Service Areas

Ex-FBI-Agents.com offers complete turn-key solutions to any Corporate and Private Security needs including:

  • Complete security analysis to determine vulnerability issues.
  • Full-service business security services from background checks to internal and external data and IP protection.
  • Personal protection services
  • Discrete investigative services for potential or existing criminal activity.
  • Full forensic services.
  • Expert consultation and legal witness services.

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Ex-FBI-Agents.com prides itself on providing a level and quality of service that most private investigation firms can not offer including:

  • The largest network of independent former FBI Special Agents
  • All agents have a minimum 5-years of agency experience.
  • All agents have passed a thorough background check and been screened to make sure they are fully capable in their area of expertise.
  • An ability to provide full “boots-on-the-ground” investigative and protection services with comprehensive forensic and evidence analysis as well as expert witness and on-going consultation and services to handle existing and potential threat protection.

Welcome to Ex-FBI-Agents.com

Ex-FBI-Agents.com was founded in 2005 to provide businesses, corporations and private individuals access to expert, uncompromising and effective security and investigative services provided by a professional network of highly skilled former FBI Special Agents. As one of the most highly trained, highly respected law enforcement agencies in the world. the FBI is noted for its ability to get the job done quickly, discretely and with maximum results.

FBI Special Agents are a uniquely select group of individuals who have proven their ability to not only meet the high eligibility and background requirements to be a part of the bureau, but have then successfully passed one of the toughest training and academic programs of any law enforcement agency in order to become a Special Agent candidate. From there, the FBI’s requirements for ongoing training, education and certification to make sure all of their Special Agents are always up to date on the most current threat management techniques, intelligence and defense technologies as well as making sure that they remain at the top of their physical fitness ability, sets the agency apart as the gold standard to which law enforcement agencies look to.

All of the independent investigators, researchers, and security enforcement specialists at Ex-FBI-Agents.com have at least five years of active duty as a full Special Agent with the bureau, have retired from the agency in good standing and have then proven to continue to meet the high standards we require to be a part of our nation-wide network of independent agents.

As members of Ex-FBI-Agents.com, each of our independent agents has agreed to now put their years of training to work in the private sector as consultants, private investigators, expert witnesses, analysts, and security professionals and as a result, Ex-FBI-Agents.com is now the nation’s foremost organization of former Special Agents who stand ready to serve you.